Sneha Kiran

About Sneha Kiran

Cerebral Palsy is a severely disabling condition. Problems of access and mobility, poor hand function, disability in speech and language make it impossible for the child to attend a normal school. Besides education, our children need therapy, use of special aids for mobility, special seating, training in activities of daily living, and speech. In short a special environment, which cannot be provided in a normal school is essential. In response, we have created a special school with qualified special education teachers and therapists for their education and rehabilitation.

One of the primary objectives of this organization is to facilitate more able children into mainstream education. This program also provides special vocational training based on the abilities of the child aimed towards gainful employment either in open an employment opportunity or in a sheltered workshop at a later stage when they are eligible. The social workers attached to the program will source for suitable job opportunities upon the guidance of the therapists. Children in the school going age of 4 years to 16 years are included in this program.

History and Mission

It all began in 2002, with several families coming together to address the needs of their children with Cerebral Palsy. Prior to the founding of Sneha Kiran of Mysore Spastic Society, Mysore lacked an all-inclusive center for children with Cerebral Palsy. This was extremely cumbersome for the families as they were required to visit many locations to receive required therapy sessions for their children. In 2004, with the mission of providing all the required services under one roof for children and families, Sneha Kiran was established. Early operations began in an industrial shed, offered rent free, and started with only six children.

In June of 2011, through the commitment of a small group of parents, support of medical, paramedical professionals and well wishers we were able to raise donations to buy a plot of land and create Mysore's first disabled-friendly center for children with cerebral palsy. At this organization we are able attend to all the needs of our special children. What was once a dreamed is now a reality made possible through the immense support and assistance from local organizations and private donors.

Currently, Sneha Kiran is the only center in Mysore that provides rehabilitation and education to this growing group of individuals, a service that has been welcomed gratefully by the parents of special children. Our hope is to continue to extend our reach into the rural areas surrounding Mysore in the near future.

The Society is a registered body (Reg. No. 90/02-03), recognized and granted exemption under 80-G of the IT Act by the Income Tax Office, Mysore, to receive contributions from the public vide. It is also registered under PWD and the National Trust act. The society functions primarily from the subscriptions and donations received from individuals, organizations, and the community.