What is Cerebral Palsy?

You have questions? We have answers! Often families have questions about our services. Most commonly asked questions are listed below. Do not hesitate to call us should you need further information.

How long will my child have to attend a special school like Sneha Kiran?

Depending on the degree of disability, the ability of the child to execute ADL's (activities of daily living), and learning level, children at Sneha Kiran are trained to be mainstreamed into a regular school and normal life/occupation. However, if the child is severely limited functionally, it is best to continue in a special school like Sneha Kiran where special care is taken to tailor the educational, therapy and management needs of the child.

Can we avail therapy services elsewhere and come to school only for a few hours?

Sneha Kiran provides comprehensive services including Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, ADL training and Special Education training to meet the individual needs /abilities of CP children. All the required services are conveniently made available under one roof so the children can benefit from holistic therapeutic management (where the professionals / therapists are in synch with each other about each child).

What is the fee structure?

Sneha Kiran spends approximately Rs.2500/- per child /per month to provide the best of therapies, individual special education, transportation facility and other necessary training required for the child. However since several families are unable to afford due to financial constraints, a minimum contribution is accepted based on their capabilities. Sneha Kiran offers a sliding scale fee structure which is individually determined at the time of admission. Sneha Kiran solicits donors, sponsors to make up for the costs.

What kind of academic training does Sneha Kiran provide?

The Sneha Kiran team of Special Educators and therapists, thoroughly evaluates physical and educational assessment of the child. The child is then placed in an appropriate group, wherein he/she will be given formal academic training following the State Government syllabus. Periodic assessments are conducted to monitor the progress. For non-academic students a need based functional academic and vocational training programme is followed . Respite care s also provided to children with severe disabilities.

Does Sneha Krian have boarding facilities?

No. Sneha Kiran is not a residential school. It is a day school operating between 9:30 am to 3:00 pm. Boarding facilities are yet to be established.